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Compilation of my talks so far

After a long time I decided to start to organize some talks that I made in events in Brazil and one in London. The best place I found to to this is Pinboard.in, since I’m a user and as the list changes when I add future talks your readers can be warned if you subscribe to the RSS.

Here it is: pinboard.in/u:lfcipriani/t:mytalks

They are organized by tags and by type of media: slides or video. Since last year I’m always writing in English in all the talks, but unfortunately not all videos are in English, just the Realtime with XMPP talk that I made in the Javascript Meetup in London in 2010.

They cover a lot of subjects, such as:

  • realtime web apps
  • ruby and javascript
  • xmpp protocol
  • http features
  • rest systems
  • nosql databases
  • bigdata
  • some use cases of company or personal projects

I hope to add much more. There are some of the talks I couldn’t open to you yet, because they have proprietary theme/stuff, but I will try to anonymize things and put everything on the URL above.

You can follow me in Slideshare as well.

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