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Learning with Tech Cine

Post written by me at Abril Engineering blog:


by Luis Cipriani

As software developers, we are always looking for new technologies and teaching ourselves on the latest techniques and ways to improve the quality or productivity of our work. Thanks to the Internet and the contributions of millions, it’s very easy to find good sources of content freely available, or even greater content at viable prices.

But sometimes we do this by ourselves and often we don’t have time or people to discuss what we learned, to evaluate how we can apply the technique in a practical way. 

Given this, we decided to spread the knowledge in our office, and the result is Tech Cine!

Every Thursday morning, we join all the developers together in the middle of the office to watch a tech video (no more than 50 minutes) and then we reserve 15 to 30 minutes after the video to discuss:

  • the main/relevant points of interest
  • if the technique worth the investment
  • if we have similar cases inside company
  • how could we apply that technology in our projects

The first 2 Tech Cines discussions were very productive, with a good participation of developers. We started with the episode 1 of Clean Code video series and the second was a video from 2012 Strata Conference in Santa Clara. 

Another thing that we did that proved to be interesting is that since we can’t send every developer to international conferences, we bought the whole video collection at the conference website, and now everybody can have access to the conference rich content! \o/

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