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Open Friday Hacks of March, 2013

Post written by me at Engineering blog.


by Luis Cipriani

Every first Friday of each month at Abril Mídia Digital is Open Friday, a day the teams have to turn ideas into real projects, to study and practice new technologies, to hack internal products and to integrate with other teams. It’s a day without restrictions of scope, anyone can do anything, but all knowledge must be shared with co-workers or people outside the company.

Open Friday happens since 2010 and we had several projects that nowadays are used in production, or got open sourced code, or was presented in conferences. By far, we are having a very good experience with the results from these days.

From now on we hope to share each month the results from it. The Monday mourning right after the Open Friday, the teams gather in a room to share the created initiatives. So let’s share some of the 21 projects done in February, 1st, that were presented today for all teams:

  • will.js: a framework to create web components and asset on-demand loading;
  • ralio: a command line interface for Rally management software;
  • Generic API: a generic resource domain to temporarily fulfill some very specific Platform requirements;
  • A recommendation system for IBA;
  • Fosformol: A Scrum Retrospective organizer;
  • Several performance tunnings or benchmarks (Lua + nginx, Hot Engine);
  • A POC of a responsive design interface for vejasp.abril.com.br
  • A parser for Semantic Search;
  • A mobile app to ease project management with Rally;
  • A POC for image search with Lire;
  • Improvements in Ruby course slides.


Above is a picture of the today’s lighting talks.

You can see that some projects already are available as an open source project, so fell free to contribute. If you are interested in any other project that wasn’t shared with public code, please leave your comment and we can start a conversation with the project owner.

Stay tuned to this blog to see next month’s projects.

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Explaining Semantic Web

Post written by me at Abril Engineering blog.


Few weeks ago I gave an introduction to Semantic Web at the Sao Paulo Ruby User Group (GURU, in portuguese). Since Semantic Web is a very broader term that entail tons of technologies and tools, I decided to focus more on explaining the single main reason that make companies apply it in their projects:

Data Integration

We, as software engineers and product managers, face a lot of problems, specially in big companies, when we need to integrate data coming from several sources. Anytime I needed to do this, I realize that I kept rumbling to myself: “Why we don’t have only one universal metadata for our data? How we let this happen?”

The big triumph provided by the Semantic Web set of technologies, specifications and tools is to enable you, as owner of highly variable data and metadata, to organize it in a way that you can find any information and derive knowledge as easily as a SQL-like query. This is possible because we start to represent the data in the simplest way possible: a triple (subject -> predicate -> object).

For example:

  • Abril_Engineering_blog  >  is_owned_by  >  Abril
  • Abril_Engineering_blog  >  is_hosted_by  >  Tumblr
  • Luis_Cipriani  >  work_at  >  Abril

By establishing relationships with all your data based on a controlled and known metadata (better known as ontology), you create the most flexible format for representing a data, and from this point, you can derive anything the quality of your data would allow.

At Abril we have a perfect environment to use this strategy for data integration, since we produce a lot of content that we are able to extract structure, such as, people, events, venues, articles, user comments, etc. Some projects are on their way and others are about to start. We hope to be talking about it sooner.

Meanwhile, check the presentation slides below, it has more detail about the technologies and cases:

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